Sounix Bi-Directional HDMI Switch

HDMI bi-directional splitter helps you connect two HDMI sources to an HDMI display (2x1) screens

SOUNIX All you Need

Sounix Double Monitor arm

Enjoy a cleaner desktop without cluttered cables and wires getting in the way.

Sounix Monitor Stand

Choose the most comfortable viewing height for your monitor by simply pressing the buttons on the legs

Sounix Wireless Mouse

Faster transfer speed and more reliable connection

Sounix Bag

Different size bags for your needs.

Sounix Wireless Earbuds

LED power display on the outside of the case for easy power management

Sounix USB Switch

Sounix USB 3.0 switch frees you from repeatedly changing cables or setting up complicated network sharing software.Helps you save time and improve office efficiency.

Sounix Bluetooth adapter

Sounix USB 3.0 Hub

Sounix USB A 3.0 hub expands one USB 3.0 port on your laptop or desktop to four with no driver required


SOUNIX Fast charging cable

with a charging capacity higher than 100W.The shorter charging time gives you more time to use it.

Sounix HDMI extension cable

it can extend a short HDMI cable for long distance extension purposes

Sounix Internet cable Cat 8

up to 2000MHz and 40Gbps data transmission speed

Sounix DisplayPort To HDMI Cable

high resolutions 4K(3840x2160) @60Hz/120Hz/144Hz, 2K(1080P/1440P) @120Hz/165Hz/240Hz

Sounix USB-C to RCA Audio Cable

Sounix USB C to 2RCA Cable streams stereo audio


Sounix Gaming Keyboard

Sounix 60% Gaming Keyboard is an ultra-compact layout with 64 keys

Sounix Tablet Keyboard

to turn your tablet into a very powerful and easy-to-use laptop

Sounix Laptop stand

Sounix Laptop Stand for Desk is fully foldable, easy to use and carry.

Sounix Label maker

Sounix label maker combines the label maker with the smart device

Sounix Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Connect two speakers together for an immersive stereo sound experience



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